Customizing the therapeutic process for each client is important to me.  I work differently and provide opportunities to dive deep that go beyond what is typically offered in psychotherapy.  The first steps in working together is to assess where you are, where you want to be and then deciding the best way to get there.  Many of my clients are local, however, I do work with individuals from outside of the Boulder area and out of state.  Although I have offered traditional 60 minute weekly sessions, I find more progress and success working in extended sessions. Therefore I now work with individuals only in the ‘deep dive’ model. This means one to four days together. During our time we will explore your story and gather data and work on releasing , repairing and creating the path forward. I collaborate with local therapists and other practioners to create a unique experience for you. This may include; equine therapy, wilderness , yoga or other components included in our time together.

I have been trained in several methodologies which can combine traditional therapy with more experiential therapies such as Psychodrama and EMDR.  Some clients have had exposure to “talk” therapy and are looking for ways to go deeper which is possible with experiential therapies that are able to access more of the subconscious parts of ourselves.  I have seen clients who have stated they have been stuck in areas for years have movement in a short amount of time.  Below are the modalities I am trained in:




Working with individual families is another option when past hurts, struggles with communication, and other roadblocks are causing problems within the family system. Family work typically is done in a three day workshop style.