One of my mentors often says we suffer in isolation and we heal in community.  Group work offers healing on a different and sometimes deeper level than individual work.  We are able to see our relational blind spots and shame experiences mirrored to us through other people; knowing we are not alone in our experiences and struggles is oftentimes enough to create a significant shift in our own healing process.  It’s important to me that each member of the group feels safe, heard and seen.  Individuals are screened for appropriateness and “fit” for the group.  If group work is determined to be for you it is definitely a path for the bravehearted and courageous.   


Group for adult men and women who have a solid foundation set through individual , group work and/or inpatient treatment programs.  These individuals are ready for “Stage 2” recovery, thriving rather than surviving, facing and healing depression, anxiety and other relational and life challenges. Group size is limited and you may be put on a wait list.  This group meets Tuesdays, 10-12 AM or 6-8PM - you must choose one time or the other and screening is required before attending the group.  I ask for a 10 session commitment in order for you and the members of the group to feel safe and to establish a baseline.  This group is $100 for 2 hours each week. Please call to set up a screening before attending the group.

Current group -Tuesdays


Evenings 6-8 PM


This group is specifically for teens struggling with common challenges of not fitting in, struggling with identity, and strained family relationships.  A lot of times these challenges manifest as behavioral issues, isolation, and academic problems.  The biggest gift in teen work is both the teen and the families know they are not alone.  Teens are supported to move out of isolation, anxiety and depression and move into using coping skills for life challenges and increasing emotional intelligence.  This is also a great group for teens stepping down from a wilderness or other residential program.  This group meets Wednesday evening from 4-6 and is co-facilitated with Craig Revord.  Please call me to set up a screening before attending the group. 


The Multi-Family workshop is available per request and as needed.  Typically the Multi-Family workshop is held over a weekend and limited to 5 families.  Multi-Family group can be more cost-effective as well as a a deeper healing experience due to sharing the work with other families.  Please contact me for more information. 


This is a closed group for individuals who have been to Onsite Workshops in Nashville, TN.   

In addition to my practice in Boulder, I am a Group Leader for Onsite workshops.  Onsite is a world renowned program partnering with therapists from all over the world to offer programs and workshops to heal trauma, codependency, process addictions, etc.  I am honored to work with Onsite and to support their alumni in the greater Boulder/Denver area.  Please contact me for more information regarding the meeting time and day.  There is no cost. 

In addition, I offer a Family Program package for residential/inpatient programs.  If you are a residential program looking for more information on adding a family program component, please contact me to discuss options.